You can help turn this major cultural event into a relational, evangelistic outreach by inviting friends, neighbors, co-workers or classmates into your home for the Big Game, food and fun!

“I believe that the key to this outreach strategy is the “home setting.”  It is here that your guests, both Christian and non-Christian, will experience the love, peaceand joy of the Holy Spirit, relationships will grow, needs will become known and opportunities for greater witness will follow.” 
-Pastor Greg Pagh, BlessMN


Invite friends over for a Super Bowl tailgating party.  Share the short version of the Football Sunday video.

2018 Football Sunday video coming soon

2017 Football Sunday video

Other videos: Players to Church Members

Tip: Talk about it the significance of faith in a the players lives.  Ask the guest if there are areas in their life they would like to have victory.  Share how you have found victory through faith in Christ.  Ask them if they would like know Christ in that way.  Share the Gospel and pray with your guests.